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  • eCommerce warehouse management made easy

    Once you have outgrown shipping from your bedroom or home office, make sure you have the right support to take your business to the next level. Processing hundreds or thousands of orders each month is a big job, especially if you are to pick, pack, and dispatch each one. You will need to be able to keep track of inventory, know where stock is in your warehouse, and be able to handle each item quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively so that it gets to your customers’ door, fast.

    EIZ currently has two offerings in this space: EIZ WMS – or EIZ Warehouse Management System – and EIZ Fulfillment, our flagship product, a complete end-to-end solution perfect for all your eCommerce needs. Both offer products, listings, and warehouse management, as well as pick-and-pack functionality. Below, we provide some information about each of these features, why they are important, and how EIZ can help automate your eCommerce business, from the first item picked, to the last item fulfilled.

    Product management

    Product or inventory management is the first step. This is where a complete record of every item you stock is kept. As the volume of your business grows, you will want to make sure that you have all this information organised in one place, and that it is easy to access and update, at any time should you need to.

    EIZ provides advanced features for recording product details including the SKU, product name, barcode, weight and dimensions, quantity, available stock, custom label and more. You can add a new product, or edit an existing product, with the click of a button, and we have even taken care of importing existing inventory from a CSV spreadsheet, so you don’t need to manually input each entry. Finding any product quickly is easy with the help of our powerful inbuilt search feature.

    Listings management

    This is a handy tool that not all eCommerce companies provide. Do you want to be able to see every product that you have available online, on every sales channel, all from the same place, and in real-time? Well, that is what listings management does. This one feature can save your business a lot of time and money.

    View and edit listings by the listing name and image, store the product is being sold on, item number, and much more. Products are linked automatically from sales channels and marketplaces via the order management system. Viewing and editing your listings without having to login to each sales portal is now a breeze.

    Warehouse management

    When you have a warehouse full of inventory or process a large volume of daily orders, you need a powerful warehouse management system. This will help you not only organize your stock in a way that makes it easy to put away or pick but enable runs and routes to be planned that are fast and efficient, keeping labour costs down.

    In addition to creating custom pick runs, which we will mention more about shortly, EIZ WMS functionality allows new warehouse locations to be created and edited with ease, containing the location code, storage type, SKUs in location, the number of items in the location, volume and more.

    Three major pick types supported

    When it’s time to send your pickers out on runs, or have your forklift operators replenish stock, creating a fully customisable pick run will ensure the metrics of each trip are totally in your control. Additionally, EIZ provides access to handheld Android smartphone compatible IR scanners that update your WMS system in real-time as each item is being picked, reducing errors, and providing important feedback.

    EIZ currently supports three major pick types: piece pick, batch pick, and a new one which we are very excited about releasing shortly, tote pick. Piece pick is the most straightforward of all the picking methods, and typically best suited to small warehouses, where workers fill orders by picking one item at a time, until the entire order is picked. Batch picking is more efficient, allowing multiple orders to be picked by workers simultaneously, and brought back to a single location where separate orders containing one or more items can be assembled. In this case, rather than picking a single item at a warehouse location for one order, numerous items will be picked from a given location, as many as are required to fulfill all the orders for that day. Tote picking, like batch picking, is another highly efficient picking method that allows workers to pick and sort items for multiple orders at once. Dedicated positions or totes are used to separate items according to order while items are being picked.

    Why not give EIZ a try and signup to a free 30-day trial on either of our platforms. If you already have an OMS or ERP and just need a warehouse or pick-and-pack solution, try out EIZ WMS: https://eiz.com.au/products/wms/. For a complete end-to-end solution for all your eCommerce needs, try EIZ Fulfillment: https://eiz.com.au/products/new-fulfillment/.