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  • New standalone product announcement EIZ SDM – Self Delivery Management!

  • New standalone product announcement EIZ SDM – Self Delivery Management!

    This week, EIZ has an exciting new announcement. Complementing a range of standalone products that we have been developing to assist sellers do business online, EIZ is proud to announce that we have just launched EIZ SDM, or EIZ Self Delivery Management.

    EIZ SDM allows eCommerce businesses to now take control of their own deliveries. No need to be tethered to a shipping carrier and be at the whim of price fluctuations or delivery delays. EIZ SDM allows any eCommerce business to ship their own packages. Powered by a handy PDA device, we’ve got delivery confirmation and proof of delivery covered with signature on delivery, photo when ATL (Authorised to Leave), and even a date and time stamped GPS location record.

    Navigation and route optimisation is built-in, powered by Google Maps, with branded tracking pages, delivery labels and email and text notifications, customised to suit your business. EIZ SDM supports both pickup and delivery jobs, while also allowing multiple drivers to use the same system, so jobs can be assigned to different zones, or claimed via scanning delivery labels.

    To find out more and register for EIZ Self Delivery Management today, visit: https://eiz.com.au/products/sdm/.