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  • When Your Business is Ready to Transition from B2B to B2C

    At EIZ, we develop a complete range of eCommerce fulfillment technologies, from order to shipping management, inventory and warehouse management, pick-and-pack, label printing, 3PL, self-delivery solutions and more. It may actually surprise some of you to know, that yes, at EIZ, in addition to B2C, we do indeed cater for and develop eCommerce technology solutions for B2B. But before we go into that, bear with us while we take you through a short rundown of what B2C and B2B is, and how they differ, from an eCommerce perspective. Just so that we are all on the same page, before we explain what EIZ might be able to do for your business, especially if you are considering the transition.

    B2B Vs B2C – the Basics

    B2C is the business model that we all know and love, short for “Business to Consumer”. These are businesses that sell directly to an end-customer, usually the general public, like Coke-a-Cola or Officeworks. Customers are usually numerous, with a method of mass communication employed. Purchases are typically of lower value with the customer relationship less personal, as sales are based on “impulse buys”.

    In contrast, B2B, which stands for “Business to Business”, may have fewer customers, though have a closer relationship with each customer. These relationships are also longer, as this business structure relies on cumulative or ongoing sales. Examples include Caterpillar (construction machinery and equipment) and Boeing. The customers of a B2B are businesses themselves.

    We Work with Both

    At EIZ, our bread-and-butter is B2C. Of course, our eCommerce technology solutions are designed to support a large range of sales channels and marketplaces, as well as freight providers, so eCommerce businesses can get products to their customers’ front doors, fast! But EIZ also has experience working closely with a range of B2B businesses who have decided they want to venture over into B2C, and we have helped them by building custom designed technology solutions.

    Some Stats

    When it comes to Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), the eCommerce market size is obviously somewhat behind the U.S. and European markets, given that the population of the entire region is only about 10% the size of the U.S. However, this does not mean ANZ isn’t worthwhile to invest in, as it is considered a “gateway to Asia”, given the trade agreements that have been setup over the past few decades. The region is rated the #1 easiest in which to do business, and boasts a highly educated and skilled workforce. And what’s interesting is that B2B marketplaces are on the rise and growing, see for example “Amazon Business”.

    Tailored B2B Solutions

    If your business needs an eCommerce fulfillment solution that can handle orders and shipping, inventory and warehouse management, pick-and-pack, label printing and more, and you want support a B2B structure until you are ready to move to B2C, then contact us. We’ve got plenty of experience working with a number of businesses who have come to us with this exact request. And in each case, EIZ has been able to collaborate closely with them to design a custom solution, perfect for their needs. And we may be able to do the same and tailor one for you.