EIZ Partnership Program

Would you like to be rewarded for referring a customer to us? What about becoming an Affiliate Partner or Solutions Partner with EIZ? Read through which of our Partnership Programs best suit you, and contact us to register today. We offer one-off, 12 months and ongoing rewards and opportunities to help grow your business, while you promote ours.

EIZ Partnership Program


Affiliate Partner
/12 months

Solutions Partner

Requirement/Obligation Refer a new customer to us on any approved EIZ product using the unique link we provide you. Use the unique link we provide you to refer new customers to us and promote our brand, logo, while mentioning our business on your website and social media. Use the unique link we provide you to refer, onboard and help setup new customers. Promote our brand, logo, mention our business on your website and social media, and advertise exclusive partner promotions.
Reward Receive a one-off $60 cash reward paid into your nominated bank account. Receive 10% commission on the subscription price of the recommended EIZ product, for each month they are with us, with payment made to your nominated bank account on the first day of each calendar month, up to a maximum period of 12 months. Receive ongoing monthly remuneration based on any paid subscription a new customer signs up to us with. We work with our partners to commensurately cross-promote, market, and advertise their products and services, as well as to develop tailored technology solutions.
Terms & Conditions Subject to approval by EIZ. A one-off cash reward applies for each new customer that signs up with us on a paid subscription plan to any one of the following approved EIZ products: EIZ Fulfillment, EIZ FMS or EIZ SDM. Subject to approval by EIZ. Subject to approval by EIZ. All new partners must agree to and sign a Solutions Partner Agreement.

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