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    EIZ Shipper + Aramex and EIZ Fulfillment + Aramex both come as standard integrations, ready to go, out of the box. Simply enter your API credentials and EIZ will do the rest, enabling immediate access to Aramex as a shipping option. For more info, visit their website by clicking the button below, or select Learn more to contact us directly.

    Visit Aramex Learn more

    Benefits of EIZ Technology + Aramex

    What are the benefits of pairing EIZ Shipper + Aramex or EIZ Fulfillment + Aramex as your dedicated eCommerce platform + carrier?

    Aramex is an established, reputable and trusted carrier with many years of experience in the industry, serving millions of personal, business and enterprise customers.

    Aramex makes a large number of deliveries not only nationwide, but globally. Investments continue to be made into more rural locations to improve coverage.

    Aramex operates many physical locations and can deliver to just about anywhere. As Australia continues to grow, this will ensure your business can meet the coming demand.

    Integrate with Aramex

    Whether you choose our lightweight and nimble EIZ Shipper + Aramex, or EIZ Fulfillment + Aramex as a professional online business, we have you covered and fully integrated with Aramex. Simply enter your existing API credentials, and you will see Aramex populate as a carrier when choosing your shipment provider. No more guess work, get access to the fastest deliveries at the most competitive rates, and the largest range of partners, all with EIZ.