Powering 3rd-party eCommerce logistics

EIZ eCommerce 3PL System empowers 3rd-party logistics to support eCommerce business fulfillment. EIZ eCommerce 3PL comes with everything you need, including order management, pick-and-pack, PDA device support, stock management, pick run and route planning, billing, and access to local and international shipping carriers.

EIZ eCommerce 3PL is designed to support 3rd-party logistics capabilities for eCommerce businesses


Reporting and Dashboard

EIZ eCommerce 3PL provides real-time reporting and data visualisation via our custom designed dashboard. Track stock levels, get stock reports, see jobs in que, monitor the performance of your warehouse with shipments dispatched and pending.


Stock report/tracking
Jobs report
Performance report
Real-time performance dashboard

Customer / Vendor Portal

EIZ eCommerce 3PL provides access to customer and vendor portals so that you are always on top of orders and shipments. Check products by SKU, obtain real-time stock levels, review purchase order control and charge transaction statements.


Product/SKU management
Real-time stock level enquiry
ASN/Purchase order control
Charge transaction statement

Handheld IR Scanning

Reduce time and improve efficiency by scanning over all processes. Handy PDA support means you can scan pick, scan stock receiving, scan dispatch, and scan stocktake, making all inbound and outbound jobs a breeze.


Scan picking
Scan stock receiving
Scan dispatch
Scan stocktake

Account / Storage / Pick-and-Pack / Freight

EIZ eCommerce 3PL automates most of your tasks, making even billing easy. Bill your customers pre-paid or post-paid when they open a new account, with full automated billing support for storage, pick-and-pack, and freight providers.


Post-paid and pre-paid account setup
Billing for storage and pick-and-pack
Different freight rates card for different vendors
Automatic weekly billing to vendors

EIZ eCommerce 3PL + EIZ Fulfillment

EIZ eCommerce 3PL was designed to work with EIZ Fulfillment. Get access to multiple sales channels, order management, and an admin portal. Automatically sync your tracking numbers to each marketplace and BYO freight labels to 3PL.


Multi-sales channel integration
Admin portal, order management
Auto syncs tracking numbers to marketplaces
BYO freight labels pushing to 3PL directly

Really deliver as an eCommerce 3PL

10+ Carriers

Get access to 10+ of the most popular local and international shipping carriers, ensuring your business has the best providers at the best rates. We also provide tiers for up to 15+, up to 20+, or more than 20+, according to your budget.

Stock Report

The handy dashboard functionality provides an accurate readout on the stock held in each location of your warehouse, by location code, storage type, SKU, item count and the total cubic volume stored. See what you’re storing in real-time.

Smart Pick-and-Pack

Bulk picking, piece picking, and tote picking are all supported, in addition to pick route optimisation. Ready-to-use scan and dispatch function supports three ways of scanning: by shipment ID, by label number, by product barcode.

Our 20+ pre-built integrations with EIZ eCommerce 3PL makes setup easy
EIZ eCommerce 3PL

All pricing is subject to change.

$399 /month

$599 /month

$899 /month


Shipments per month ($0.15 per additional order) Up to 5,000 Up to 8,000 Up to 12,000 Over 12,000+
Vendors Up to 10 Up to 15 Up to 20 20+
EIZ Fulfillment addon (per vendor) $19/month $19/month $19/month $19/month
Product management
Location management
Inventory management
Order pick-and-pack management
Android App (coming soon)
PDA device support (sold separately)
3PL click-and-collect management
Hand device license (App and PDA) additional license = $50/month 2 3 4 TBD
Pick run and route planning
Billing for storage, freight, and pick-and-pack
EIZ Add-on: Self-Delivery Management (SDM) (subscribe separately) Add EIZ Fulfillment (Contact us) Add EIZ Fulfillment (Contact us) Add EIZ Fulfillment (Contact us) Add EIZ Fulfillment (Contact us)
EIZ Add-on: Self-Delivery Management (SDM) (subscribe separate) Add EIZ SDM (Contact us) Add EIZ SDM (Contact us) Add EIZ SDM (Contact us) Add EIZ SDM (Contact us)
Ticket support, email support
Account manager

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EIZ eCommerce 3PL?

EIZ eCommerce 3PL enables your eCommerce business to support 3rd-party logistics. This system comes with everything you need including order and pick-and-pack management, PDA device support for scanning, stock management, pick run and route planning, and access to 10+ shipping carriers.

What is the difference between EIZ eCommerce 3PL and other EIZ products?

EIZ eCommerce 3PL System is a dedicated solution to handle every aspect of managing an eCommerce 3PL business. For other standard eCommerce order and shipping support features, check out EIZ Shipper, our lightweight, no-frills solution which handles OMS, carrier integration and label printing, designed to keep costs low, perfect for start-ups and small-to-medium-businesses. To handle complete end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment, EIZ Fulfillment is our premier flagship solution, packed full of features, perfect for enterprises.

What is the full list of features included in EIZ eCommerce 3PL?

EIZ eCommerce 3PL System enables your eCommerce business to become a 3rd-party logistics provider. This system comes with everything you need including order pick-and-pack management, jobs and performance reports, PDA device support for scan picking, scan stock receiving, scan dispatch, scan stocktake, stock management including SKUs, real-time stock level enquiry, purchase order control, pick run and route planning, billing for account setup, storage, pick-and-pack, and freight, and access to 10+ shipping providers.

How much does EIZ eCommerce 3PL cost?

Prices vary according to the tier and number of monthly shipments you require to process, starting from $399/month for 5,000 shipments.

What if I want to upgrade my plan to include more monthly orders?

You can upgrade your plan at any time by changing your tier at no additional cost, perfect if you need a little more breathing room when it comes to the number of orders you process monthly.

What support do I get with EIZ eCommerce 3PL?

EIZ eCommerce 3PL users obtain full support during business hours, via phone, customer tickets and email. Limited support is also available after hours. We can assist you at any stage with your 3PL queries, so don’t be a stranger, just reach out! Gold tier and above customers get their own dedicated account manager, who is skilled with quickly resolving any query.

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