Manage all your shipping on one platform

EIZ’s Freight Management System helps your eCommerce business manage all your shipments on one platform. Whether you require a complement to your ERP, or desire a standalone solution, FMS is the perfect fit.

EIZ Freight Management System designed for eCommerce business shipments

API or SaaS
Bulk Manifest
Shipping Report

Multi-carrier management

The most popular domestic and international shipping carriers come pre-integrated. Simply enter your credentials and EIZ will do the rest, pulling in all of your existing accounts into one dashboard.


20+ shipping carriers, including all of the most popular domestic and international selections. And we’re adding more all the time…

Smart real-time pricing

EIZ FMS makes it easy to generate a quick quote for your shipments. Simply enter the address you are sending from, the address you are sending to, and your shipment info, including quantity, dimensions and weight. In a matter of seconds, FMS will generate a list of the most competitive quotes from your integrated carrier providers.

Advanced API integration or standalone SaaS

Our Smart Shipping Robot will quickly generate a comprehensive list of competitive prices at the fastest times from all of your integrated couriers. EIZ FMS is easy to use and connect to. Already use an existing ERP? Not a problem, we will provide you with a single, simple-to-use API gateway to handle your shipping. Or if you have your own OMS, we can provide standalone web access to EIZ FMS.

Bulk dispatch and submit manifest

You can manage all of your shipments, bulk dispatch and submit manifests for every courier on one platform.

Detailed shipment reporting

With EIZ FMS, receive detailed reporting that identify costs and breakdowns carriers by proportion of shipments. No more guess work or being kept out of the loop, get everything reported, just as it should be.

The perfect accompaniment to your existing ERP or OMS

Multi-Carrier Integrations

Access to 20+ of the most popular domestic and international shipping carriers come pre-integrated out of the box. Simply provide your login to existing accounts and EIZ will do the rest, pulling everything into one dashboard.

FMS Features

Save time and prevent lost shipments with automatic address correction. Get a Quick Quote, and use our Smart Shipping Robot to help automate your selection by choosing the fastest and cheapest option.

Standalone API or SaaS Access

If your business already uses existing Enterprise Resource Planning, EIZ will provide a simple API gateway for FMS access. Have your own OMS? No problem, use our SaaS FMS platform. No downloads, just login.

Our 20+ pre-built integrations with EIZ FMS makes setup easy
EIZ Freight Management

All pricing is subject to change.

$99 /month

$159 /month

$210 /month

$0.07 /label

Shipments per month Up to 1,000 Up to 2,000 Up to 3,000 Over 3,000
All shipping carriers (excl. Toll)
Package management
Online customer support
Address validation
Shipping cost comparison

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EIZ FMS?

EIZ Freight Management System is our dedicated solution to manage all of your eCommerce business shipment requirements. Whether you require a complement to your ERP system via a simple API gateway, or as a standalone SaaS solution, FMS will handle all your national and international shipping needs.

What is the difference between EIZ FMS and other EIZ products?

EIZ Freight Management System is a dedicated solution to handle shipping, and not other solutions such as Order Management, Label Printing, Pick-and-Pack, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and etc. For these features, check out EIZ Shipper, our lightweight, no-frills solution which handles OMS, carrier integration and label printing, designed to keep costs low, perfect for start-ups and small-to-medium-businesses. To handle complete end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment, EIZ Fulfillment is our premier flagship solution, packed full of features, perfect for enterprise.

What is the full list of features included in EIZ FMS?

EIZ FMS comes with 20+ domestic and international carriers already pre-integrated. Simply provide logins to your existing accounts, and EIZ will automatically pull all of your account details into one dashboard. EIZ FMS provides quick quote functionality and our Smart Shipping Robot makes finding the fastest and cheapest option easy. A single API gateway is available for eCommerce businesses with an existing ERP solution, or via a SaaS web solution for businesses that already have a separate OMS system.

How much does EIZ FMS cost?

Prices vary according to the tier and number of monthly orders you require to process, starting from as little as $99/month for 1,000 shipments.

What if I want to upgrade my plan to include more monthly orders?

You can upgrade your plan at any time by changing your tier at no additional cost, perfect if you need a little more breathing room when it comes to the number of orders you process monthly.

What support do I get with EIZ FMS?

EIZ FMS users obtain full support during business hours, via phone, customer tickets or email. Limited support is also available after hours. We can also assist you at any stage with your API keys for marketplace or carrier integration, so don’t be a stranger, just reach out!”

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