How to setup EIZ App Shopify shipping calculator

PLEASE NOTE: The EIZ Shipping Price Calculator app is only available for use on the EIZ Fulfillment Bronze Plan and higher. It will also be available during the Fulfilllment 30-day trial period.

Requirement 1 – Notification from Shopify: #

CCS (Carrier Calculated Shipping) needs to be enabled in a store. This comes default with the advanced Shopify plan. If a store is not on this plan, it needs to be enabled through the Shopify support desk (upon request from the account owner) for an additional: $20USD a month. Another option is if the account owner changes the subscription invoice from monthly to annual- not only will they enable CCS free of charge per year but they’ll also get 10% off their subscription cost.

Requirement 2 – EIZ Fulfillment Bronze plan or higher #

Please ensure that you have subscribed to the EIZ Fulfillment Bronze plan or higher. The calculator will also be available for testing during the EIZ Fulfillment free trial period.

Requirement 3 – Integrate your Shopify store & enable the calculator in EIZ #

Once you have integrated your Shopify store into EIZ, do the following to enable the calculator so you can see it in your APPs section of your Shopify dashboard:

  1. Log into EIZ
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Channels
  4. Click on Edit for your Shopify store
  5. Click Enable Freight Calculator
  6. Click Save

How to Setup Shopify-Eiz Real-Time shipping calculator: #

Log into your Shopify dashboard, click “APPs”

Click “Eiz freight calculator” – if you are asked to login, just enter in your shopify login details again.

Adding a cost margin to your shipping quotes #

To start configuring the calculator, let’s begin with the cost margin. The cost margin will be added to the calculated shipping prices that your customers see when they checkout. This can be beneficial to cover other shipping surcharges that can’t be calculated but is then invoiced to you by the carrier.

You can add the cost margin by either Percentage or Fixed amount. If you don’t want to apply a margin, click on the “Not Apply” radio button – don’t forget to click Save.

Add a package weight limit for multiple products ordered #

Currently the default calculation is per label or package. You may sell many smaller items that can fit into one package, therefore you would want to calculate the shipping cost for one package and not for many smaller ones. In this case you would set a package weight limit.

Enter in a weight limit depending on the package sizes for your products. You may want to combine all products that amount to 5kg or 10kg. This means that each time the package weight limit is reached, it will see that as 1 package.

For example, you have set the package weight limit at 5kg. A customer orders 4 of your products that weigh 2.5kg each. The calculator will provide a shipping quote for 2 packages instead of 4 packages.

Don’t forget to click Save once you have decided on a weight limit.

Select shipping methods to display at checkout #

Now you are able to select the shipping methods which you would like your calculator to present to your customers. Do this by selecting the checkboxes of the preferred shipping providers and their service methods – don’t forget to click Save.

Now your buyers will be able to see your freight options at the checkout page, and the estimated shipping quotes for their orders.

PLEASE NOTE: EIZ freight shipping calculator will now be an option in your shipping methods in Shopify dashboard. Select it as part of your shipping and delivery methods so it displays your live shipping quotes.

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