Why is my shipping calculation incorrect or not displaying any prices at checkout?

This could be caused by a few things:

** Check that you have weights and dimensions added to each product you have listed on your website for sale. These should be added in your sales channel or in EIZ under the Products section.

** Check with your carrier account manager that you have rates for the location/postcode you are shipping to.

** For Woocommerce users, check that you have added the “weightaddup” class to avoid duplicate shipping costs. See the below instructions on how to do this:

  1. Login to WordPress admin page
  2. Click WooCommerce
  3. Click Shipping
  4. Click Shipping Classes
  5. Click Add Shipping Class – add a class (keyword: weightaddup)
  6. Click Products – click one product
  7. Click Shipping – Shipping Class – choose the shipping class you just created

You can also bulk update the shipping class for all your products. Please click on the button below which will take you to the WooCommerce support pages for more information:

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