How to view and download tax invoices

Tax invoices are available for you to download from EIZ. These will consists of any plans you are subscribed to, will be produced on a monthly basis and are only available in the EIZ Fulfillment version.

To begin, let’s login to your EIZ Fulfillment account. Once you are logged in, follow the below sequence of steps as shown in the below image to reach the Invoice section.

  1. Click Settings on the left side navigational menu
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Invoice
  4. Choose which invoice you wish to view/download, by scrolling through the list, then click the Download link under the Actions column
EIZ Fulfillment – Invoice

Your tax invoice will usually open in a new tab in your browser looking like the below image. You will be able to print or save the tax invoice for your own use. If your tax invoice doesn’t open in a new tab, just click on the back button of your browser to return to EIZ.

EIZ Fulfillment – Tax Invoice

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