How to setup EIZ App Woocommerce shipping calculator

Give your customers greater control and confidence with an automated shipping price calculator that collects real-time prices of your preferred carrier and shipping providers, giving them the ability to choose the best option for their purchases.

  • Take away the hassle, risk and complexity from manually managing and customising shipping rates based on shipping zones.
  • Increase the conversion rate from cart to purchase by taking away unnecessarily high flat shipping rates that generally scare away customers.
  • Avoid the potential loss from flat shipping rates to long-distance customers.

The calculator not only delivers an important aspect of the customer purchasing experience, but it also enables woocommerce business owners the ability to generate quick shipping quotes for worldwide shipment based on item count, weight in a currency that makes sense to an individual customer, speeding up the response to shipment-related customer enquiries and reducing the overhead for manual calculation for accurate pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin was created externally for EIZ, so there is limited support that EIZ can offer in resolving issues that may occur from using this plugin with your website.

Key Features #

  1. Increase the conversion rate from cart to purchase by letting your customers choose their shipping option based on live accurate pricing from your preferred carrier and shipping provider list
  2. Add a margin to your calculated shipping prices based on the percentage fixed amount
  3. Generate quick shipping quotes with real-time pricing from your preferred carrier and shipping providers to manage customer enquiries
  4. Refine your shipping quotes based on an item count, weight and size
  5. Integration with leading carrier and shipping providers: Australia Post, Fastway, myFastway, Envelop, CouriersPlease, TOLL, Toll Priority, EWE, TNT, Allied Express, Sendle, DHL, Aramex, and Superfreight

Requirement #

The Shipping Price Calculator and all its functions integrate with your EIZ account which is completely free to register and use on its starter plan.

You will need to download the EIZ WooCommerce Shipping Calculator installation package as part of this setup.

This will be saved to your downloads folder on your computer to be used in step 5 of this setup process below.

Setup Manual #

  1. Login to your WordPress Panel.
  2. Click Plugins on the left side of the dashboard.
  3. Click Add New, a panel opens
  4. Click Upload Plugin. An upload file panel opens.
  5. Click Choose File, upload the zip file that you downloaded earlier from the Requirement section above. This file is named eiz commerce shipping and should be located in your downloads folder. If you have not downloaded this folder, please click on the link in the Requirement section to download it before continuing the setup.
  6. If Plugin is installed successfully, Click Activate Plugin.
  7. Go to WooCommerce Panel from the left side menu.
  8. Click Settings → Shipping → Eiz Real-time Shipping Quote as indicated in the below image
  9. Log in to your existing EIZ account. After login, your available shipping methods in your EIZ account will automatically be activated in your woocommerce-eiz real-time shipping quote setting page. You can select the shipping methods which you would like your calculator to present to your customers.
  10. Select your preferred shipping provider/s and services. Uncheck other services you wish not to use.

You can also use shortcuts to activate new shipping methods from EIZ directly.

Add a Cost Margin to your shipping prices #

To add a cost margin to the calculated shipping prices that your customers see, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Add-up Mode” drop-down menu.

This reveals additional fields to control margin by fixed price or percentage. If you wish not to apply a margin, click on the “None” radio button. Otherwise add a margin by using a percentage value or a markup value. For example 3% or $5.

2. Click the “Save changes” button to apply your settings.

Note: Your changes will be applied immediately, and changes reflected the next time your customers reach the shipping options screen when purchasing products.

Make EIZ your default shipping option #

To set EIZ shipping price calculator as your default shipping option, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Shipping panel, click Shipping zones
  2. Click Edit under Australia Region
  3. Enable EIZ real-time shipping quotes
  4. Click Save changes.

Now, your customers will directly know the accurate shipping cost of each available carrier during the checkout stage and can choose the preferred shipping method and pay accurate shipping cost.

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