How to sort the picking slip by the items on EIZ Fulfillment

To sort the picking slip by item, click on Shipments > Open Shipments > Tab Settings

From the Shipment Tab, look for the Tab you wish to sort and click on Edit for that Tab

From the Shipment List Tab, select Location/SKU in the Sort By drop down list, then click Save.

Go back to the Open Shipments > select the Tab you just sorted > select the orders you wish to create a pick run for > click Create Pick Run.

Confirm the Reference Number (this will default to the current date), you can change this to something more meaningful if you wish.

If you’d like to change the number of shipments per pick run from the total shipments you selected, for example, pick in batches of 5 shipments per pick run, then change the number of 35 to 5. Otherwise leave as is and you’ll have a pick run of 35 shipments to do.

Click Submit to create the pick run.

A notification will appear to the top right corner of your screen to confirm the pick run has been successfully created. Click on Click to view.

If you miss the notification, don’t worry, you can click on the 3 dots next to the Create Pick Run button and select View all pick runs.

From the Pick Run List, you should be able to see your newly created pick run with a status of Not Finalized and your Reference number. You can now click on either the bulk pick icon (Green) or the piece pick icon (blue) to print your pick run and your items should be in Location/SKU order for picking.

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