How to create label and Upload Tracking with EIZ Shipper

Go to Open Orders, a list of unprocessed orders will be displayed. Each row in the list is a different order.

Click Create Label to start processing an order

The Create Label window will appear from the left to start verifying address and package information before quoting the shipping cost.

The cheapest quote will be automatically selected, however, you can select another carrier if you wish.

The selected courier service will display any available delivery instruction for you to select or utilize if you wish. For example, adding delivery instructions.
Click Create Label button after confirming all information and options.

There are 2 options to print the label.
Option 1: Click the Print Label button.
Option 2 – Bulk Print: Select each order or use the select all checkbox on the left side of Order No. column heading, then click Print Shipping Label.

Once you have completed printing your labels, select the orders that have been printed and click Complete & Manifest. This will upload the tracking numbers back to your sales channels against the corresponding orders.

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