How to print an address label for a letter on EIZ Fulfillment

The following instructions will ensure you have the Envlop carrier configured, then provide you steps on how to create and print an address label for a letter.

Skip this step if you have the Envlop carrier configured already

Configure Envlop carrier #

Go to Settings > Carriers > click Add Carrier > Look for Envlop then click Configure

Once this is configured, click Save.

You should now see a carrier called Envelope labels listed in your Carrier Settings

Go to your shipments and Choose Carrier. Be sure that your height is 2cm or less, otherwise you won’t see any of the letter label options.

Once you have selected an appropriate letter label for your letter, you have the option to scan or enter in a label number or prepaid tracking number to reference your letter, then click Create Label & Print.

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