How to create Shipments from orders on EIZ Fulfillment

When you sync your sales channel to EIZ, your orders will sync through to Open Orders waiting to be processed. The first step is to create shipments for your orders. A shipment provides your carrier with information to produce a shipping quote and label to correctly identify your customer’s order through the delivery journey.

You can create shipments individually, in bulk or via our automation template. We will show you how each of these can be achieved.

Create individual shipments #

Once you’ve logged into EIZ, click Orders > Open Orders > New tab > Select an order using the checkbox > click Create Shipment

Confirm the ship from address is correct. If you wish to use your other addresses, select it by using the radio buttons.

If you need to add tags click on New Tag. If you wish to include order tags and order notes, put a tick in the checkboxes, then click Confirm.

NOTE 1: If this is the first time you have created a shipment, you will get another pop up box to confirm whether you want to stay on the orders page after creating future shipments, or go to the shipments page after creating future shipments. You can select which you prefer. You can always change this in Settings > Preferences > Order Preferences.

NOTE 2: If you’ve created a shipment before for the selected order, you’ll get another pop up to advise which orders you have created shipments for already and if you wish to proceed or cancel creating the shipment.

Depending on your preferences, you’ll either be redirected to the Open Shipments section, or you’ll need to click into the Open Shipments section.

You’ll find your shipment in the Ready to Fulfill tab.

Create bulk shipments #

Creating bulk shipments is simply selecting more than one order from the Open Orders section, or you can use the select all checkbox on the left side of the SRN column title, to select all the orders. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

Combine shipments #

You can choose to combine shipments in the event that you have orders with the same delivery address, or in the very rare case that 2 customers have agreed to send their packages to one of their addresses.

Select multiple orders, then click the Combine Shipment button.

The Confirm Shipment box will appear to confirm your Ship From and Ship To addresses, then click the Confirm button.

If you had selected orders with different addresses, then those addresses will be listed to select from.

To confirm that your shipment has been created, you can click on the Show Orderlines toggle to view the shipment’s order details. You should see multiple SRN numbers for the shipment.

Use our Same Address tab to capture all orders with the same address, then combine them to create the shipments. Go to this support page to learn more: How to combine same address orders on EIZ Fulfillment

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