How to use the Tabs function in EIZ Fulfillment

Tabs provide an effortless way to group and view orders and shipments by a single category, or several categories.

For example, filter by sales channel, marketplace, shipping address, customer, order stage (whether the order has been paid, or awaiting payment), and much more.

Tabs become especially important for high-volume users that receive a large number of daily orders through multiple channels, and want to reduce time, improve efficiency and productivity.

After logging into EIZ, select the Orders menu from the left-panel to access Open Orders.

To get started working with Tabs, click the Tab Settings button from the top right of the page as shown below.

After selecting Tab Settings, you will see the Order List Tab pop out from the right-side of the screen. This will show you a list of Tabs that you currently have.

To begin, let us customize and apply a new Tab to all of our Open Orders to see how this works. Suppose that we would like to create a tab to show orders that have been paid, click on the Create Tab button to the bottom right.

The Create Tab window will appear from the right. Enter in a name for your tab like “Paid Orders”. Select a colour if you wish or stick with the default black. From the Criteria drop down boxes, select “Payment Status” for the first box, “is any of” for the second box and “Paid” for the third box, then click Create.

You will now see your new tab in the Order List Tab and a new tab in the tab menu area.

Next, we will reduce this list a little more by clicking Tab Settings > Look for Paid Orders > Click Edit. In the Order List Tab click Add Criteria to add another row for your criteria.

From the first drop down box select “Channel”, from the second box “is any of” and from the third box your Shopify store.

Add another criteria line to choose a date range. From the first drop down box select “Date” and from the second box “within 7 days”, then click Save.

With the new criteria applied with Payment Status, Channel and Date, we see a much smaller list populated in the Paid Orders tab. In this way, you can easily track, manage and organize all of your orders and shipments.

To remove the previous tab that was added to the tab menu area, click the Tab Settings button, from the Order List Tab window, click the Remove button for the Paid Orders tab. You should now see all of your orders in the New tab again.

Finally, without filters, you can view All Orders, On Hold orders, Back Orders, Completed and Cancelled orders, all from the left navigation panel. All Orders is a new feature in EIZ, it shows a complete list of all your orders and what Order Stage they are in.

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