How to cancel a shipment on EIZ Fulfillment

Follow the instructions below to either cancel a single shipment or cancel bulk shipments.

Single shipment cancellations #

From Open Shipments, click on the 3 dots next to the shipment status, then click Cancelled

From the Cancel shipment pop up, you can enter a reason for the cancellation if you wish, it’s not mandatory. This will be saved in the orders notes from which this shipment was created from.

You can also check the box “Remember this operation”. This will stop the box from appearing when you cancel any future shipments. If you entered in a reason, the reason will be applied to those orders.

If you decide you want to have the Cancel shipment box appear again, go to Settings > Preferences > Dispatch Preferences > Turn on “Pop up dialog ask for reason/actions”.

There are also More actions to cancelling shipments if you want to do a bit more.

Here you can move the order associated to the shipment to the listed folders or leave it where it is. You can also mark the order with a tag if you wish. Again, if you want your cancel shipment settings to be saved, check the Remember this operation check box, then click Confirm.

Bulk shipment cancellations #

You can bulk cancel or perform other bulk functions using the Bulk Update / Edit function. Do this by selecting multiple shipments > Click Bulk Update / Edit > Select Change Shipment Status > Click Cancelled. This will open up the same dialog box as shown in the above instructions for single shipment cancellations.

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