How to use Dashboard function on EIZ Fulfillment

This article provides a basics how-to guide on understanding the Dashboard. After logging into your EIZ Fulfillment account, you will be redirected to your dashboard:

The dashboard provides a summary of the most important metrics when it comes to your orders and shipments. The daily orders you have received, including order revenue, can be seen in the top-left of the dashboard. All orders are shown, but these can be filtered by sales channel or marketplace, from the Channel drop-down tab.

Next, from the top-right of the dashboard, you will find a summary of your daily shipments, with your associated freight costs. Again, all shipments are showing, however you can filter these by carrier, using the Carriers drop-down tab.

From the middle-left of the dashboard, you will find a summary of the orders you have waiting to process, dispatch, and have successfully shipped today. This is a handy feature for when you start your day, as it can give you a quick idea of what your workflow may look like. Orders from your integrated sales channels and marketplaces are synced every 15 seconds, so you can be sure you are seeing all of your order information on the dashboard in almost real-time.

From the middle-right of the dashboard, you will find a sales summary for the last week, month, and three-months. This shows the sales you have made across all sales channels, however, it can also be filtered by channel using the Channel drop-down tab.

From the bottom-left of the dashboard, a graphical breakdown of the orders received by channel and shipments made by carrier is provided. This handy feature allows you to quickly see what your most and least popular choices are when it comes to your customers and sales channels, or preferred choices for carriers. 

Finally, a list of the top 5 products sold in the last 30 days by total sales and quantity is provided in the bottom-right of the dashboard. This allows you to quickly track what the hottest items have been in the last month.

When adding and removing Channels and Carriers, you will automatically update the summary metrics you find in the dashboard. At this time, the dashboard is static and there are no options to customize either the information you see or the layout, other than what has been explained above. Be sure to check back with this article regularly to see any updates to the dashboard that may occur in the future.

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