How to filter by all express orders on EIZ Fulfillment

You can create a Tab to filter express orders both in Orders and Shipments. For this guide we will create the tab in Orders, however it is the same process if you create one in Shipments. 

When you receive orders with a shipping method of express, then these orders will go into the express tab for you to process separately.

From the left navigation panel, click Orders, then click Tab Settings

From the Order List Tab window, click Create Tab.

Enter a Tab Name (we have chosen Express), select a Tab font Color for easy reference (we have selected yellow for ours), and then make the following selections for the criteria field boxes:

* First field box: Tag

* Second field box: Is any of

* Third field box: EXPRESS

    Then click the Create button.

    Your tab will be added to the Order List Tab and to the tab menu area.

    NOTE: We would recommend creating an Express tab in Shipments if you are utilizing our “Create Shipment” automation template, or you are using the Orders section to just Create Shipments. Your shipments will automatically filter into the express tab in Shipments.

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